allocations / buffer_non_blocking PASS

Test metadata

Name buffer_non_blocking
Category allocations
Suite Khronos OpenCL CTS
Suite version 80a4a833
Executable path /test_conformance/allocations/bin/test_allocations
Arguments buffer_non_blocking

Run metadata

Parent job Job 123
Revision 78ea3cb0bb1954c… / [SPIR-V] Report modifying IR in SPIRVPrepareFunctions
Driver version NEO 22.34.24023; IGC 1.0.11702.1
Date run 03/17/2023
Duration 0 minutes
Status PASS

Runner output

Stdout from the runner of the corresponding OpenCL CTS test:

Initializing random seed to 0.
Requesting Default device based on command line for platform index 0 and device index 0
Compute Device Name = Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 [0x3e98], Compute Device Vendor = Intel(R) Corporation, Compute Device Version = OpenCL 3.0 NEO , CL C Version = OpenCL C 1.2
Device latest conformance version passed: v2022-04-22-00
Supports single precision denormals: YES
sizeof( void*) = 8 (host)
sizeof( void*) = 8 (device)
Device reports CL_DEVICE_MAX_MEM_ALLOC_SIZE=4294959104 bytes (4095.99MB), CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE=26817650688 bytes (25575.3MB).
Device shares memory with the host, so backing off the maximum combined allocation size to be 12787.7MB to avoid rampant paging.
** Target allocation size (rounded to nearest MB) is: 4293918720 bytes (4095MB).
** Allocating buffer(s) to size 4095MB.
=> Allocation 1
Attempting to allocate a buffer of size 4095MB.
Succeeded in allocating 4095MB using 1 memory objects.
Executing kernel with memory objects.
Checksum verified (461121762 == 461121762).
PASS: Allocation succeeded.
buffer_non_blocking passed
PASSED sub-test.
PASSED test.

Stderr from the runner of the corresponding OpenCL CTS test:

Runner dumps

The files below were generated by the Intel Graphics Compiler after setting the IGC_ShaderDumpEnable=1 variable. OCL_asmX_before_spirv_backend.spv is the input binary SPIR-V generated by the IGC's OpenCL frontend, from which the SPIRV-LLVM-Translator generates OCL_asmX_before_spirv_backend.ll module which is passed to the SPIR-V backend. The backend outputs OCL_asmX_after_spirv_backend.spv SPIR-V binary which returns to IGC to be translated to LLVM module OCL_asmX_after_spirv_backend.ll for further compilation.