basic / sizeof PASS

Test metadata

Name sizeof
Category basic
Suite Khronos OpenCL CTS
Suite version 80a4a833
Executable path /test_conformance/basic/bin/test_basic
Arguments sizeof

Run metadata

Parent job Job 138
Revision f84bac329ba6c9f… / [NFC][Py Reformat] Reformat lit.local.cfg python files in llvm
Driver version NEO 22.34.24023; IGC 1.0.11702.1
Date run 05/17/2023
Duration 0 minutes
Status PASS

Runner output

Stdout from the runner of the corresponding OpenCL CTS test:

Initializing random seed to 0.
Requesting Default device based on command line for platform index 0 and device index 0
Compute Device Name = Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 [0x3e98], Compute Device Vendor = Intel(R) Corporation, Compute Device Version = OpenCL 3.0 NEO , CL C Version = OpenCL C 1.2
Device latest conformance version passed: v2022-04-22-00
Supports single precision denormals: YES
sizeof( void*) = 8 (host)
sizeof( void*) = 8 (device)
char uchar unsigned char short ushort unsigned short int uint unsigned int float long ulong unsigned long
char2 uchar2 short2 ushort2 int2 uint2 float2 long2 ulong2
char4 uchar4 short4 ushort4 int4 uint4 float4 long4 ulong4
char8 uchar8 short8 ushort8 int8 uint8 float8 long8 ulong8
char16 uchar16 short16 ushort16 int16 uint16 float16 long16 ulong16
global void* size_t sizeof(int) ptrdiff_t intptr_t uintptr_t
event_t image2d_t image3d_t sampler_t
cl_khr_fp64: double double2 double4 double8 double16
cl_khr_fp16: half half2 half4 half8 half16
sizeof passed
PASSED sub-test.
PASSED test.

Stderr from the runner of the corresponding OpenCL CTS test:

Runner dumps

The files below were generated by the Intel Graphics Compiler after setting the IGC_ShaderDumpEnable=1 variable. OCL_asmX_before_spirv_backend.spv is the input binary SPIR-V generated by the IGC's OpenCL frontend, from which the SPIRV-LLVM-Translator generates OCL_asmX_before_spirv_backend.ll module which is passed to the SPIR-V backend. The backend outputs OCL_asmX_after_spirv_backend.spv SPIR-V binary which returns to IGC to be translated to LLVM module OCL_asmX_after_spirv_backend.ll for further compilation.